Teach for America Day 2: Unexpected Adventures in the Phoenix Sun

Sacaton Red-on-Buff decorates the pottery of the Hohokam people

Sacaton Red-on-Buff decorates the pottery of the Hohokam people


Day two with TFA and AZ is sizzling. 102 degrees and rising. But I love the sun and we just got back from the Pueblo Grande Museum. We got to look at some clay artifacts. Ceramics has a very special place in my heart so I’m still giddy from looking at Hohokam art.

After exploring the museum, we also got the opportunity to hear from three wonderful speakers about ethnic and cultural diversity in Arizona and immigration. As future teachers and leaders, we are encouraged to educate ourselves on the subject and offer students a platform to tell their stories as well as open ears to listen and learn from them. One of my fellow corps members commented that issues with social class and inequity transcend race. Often times we are all working and hoping for the same change. Communities must come together for progress and every person counts. Their values and experiences matter. I want to communicate this to my students. photo1 (2)

We were on our way to the Fiesta on E. Indian School Rd. when Abby’s car stalled and passed out at the red light. We had no choice but to attempt to push the car out of the road. With incoming traffic to the left and to the right, we climbed out of her little Jetta (we had recently baptized him Klouse). But before we could lay hands on the little German car, he came back to life and we were able to get him out of harm’s way. Abby pulled into the parking lot in front of a pawn shop and Luke’s Chicago Italian Beef. Reinforcements were called and another CM from our family Kevin came to the rescue. Abby and I stayed behind and waited for the tow truck. We got iced fountain drinks from Luke’s and stood in the Arizona sun. We talked about the heat and sipped our beverages. My ice melted. I went to Luke’s for more. Finally, a nice gentleman whose shirt read Daniel arrived and gave us a ride to Mike’s Auto Repair right down the road. “Talk to Mike,” he instructed us, “He’ll take car of you.”
So we found Mike and explained the situation. Mike ran off to take a look at Klouse and Abby and I sat in the waiting room talking about lightning. It was a pretty pleasant experience. Mike returned shortly with good news, but we still had no way to get to the park. So we called a cab and decided this was one of those experiences that we would remember years from now: “Remember that one day on the way to the Fiesta when the car broke down. Haha.” I think Klouse will be alright. And in the end of the day these words from our morning session rang true: Wrap your arms around the adventure & embrace endless possibility. Keep your chins up, comrades! The adventure has only begun.

photo3 (1)

Obligatory Selfie in the Green Cab for Blue Skies



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About Daisy and Asa

The King and the Flower is a husband and wife clay collaborative. Asa and Daisy initially fell in love with clay and then with each other. Asa began working with ceramics as a high school student in Santa Cruz, California. Daisy started throwing at Hope College in Holland, Michigan. The two potters met in 2015 in the heat of Phoenix, Arizona at Desert Dragon Pottery Studio. In 2016, Asa and Daisy were married at Red Rock State Park in Sedona, Arizona. The couple now resides in Phoenix, Arizona.

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