Teach for America Day 1: Meet the Family

This is my lovely family or small group for the 2014 TFA Induction/Institute. As part of a much larger group and an even larger movement, we are Teach for America Phoenix Corps 2014. During the next few weeks we will be learning what it means to be a part of TFA Phoenix and part of the restoration of our American education system. Yesterday induction kicked off with a pizza dinner at our fearless leader Meagan’s house. I hope that as a TFA family we can provide support for each other as we navigate through our TFA experience. Our journey ahead holds many challenges but I am confident that we are all willing and able to face the giants. Stay tuned and welcome to Phoenix!

Wicker basket

Deja Vu: Settled into my dorm-room at ASU

I must remember to never take this landscape for granted

My name is Daisy by the way and I must remember to never take this landscape for granted.


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About Daisy and Asa

The King and the Flower is a husband and wife clay collaborative. Asa and Daisy initially fell in love with clay and then with each other. Asa began working with ceramics as a high school student in Santa Cruz, California. Daisy started throwing at Hope College in Holland, Michigan. The two potters met in 2015 in the heat of Phoenix, Arizona at Desert Dragon Pottery Studio. In 2016, Asa and Daisy were married at Red Rock State Park in Sedona, Arizona. The couple now resides in Phoenix, Arizona.

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